Complementary Alternative Treatment

For Type 2 Diabetes Complications and Cardiovascular Disease Complications



Diabetes Complications are caused by impediments to normal blood flow in different organs in the body: 

Blockage or Vasoconstruction occurs

In the brain


In the eyes 


In arms, legs, extremities


Blood vessels



Hemiplagia, Strokes, Neuropathy




Gangrene, Edema


Embolisms, Nephropathy, 

Daily Aspirin supplementation is prescribed to patients who are at risk of diabetes complications. However, many side effects of Aspirin occur after long term use. Patients who are at risk of nephropathy are especially vulnerable to kidney damage and it may cause edema over time. 



Traditional Complementary Medicine:


Elipulse® natural supplement is an effective blood stasis remover and can relieve pain. It is a plant based alternative to Aspirin and is free of Aspirin's side effects as well as drug interactions. 



Elipulse's natural ingredients are placed in vegetable capsules