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In the 21st century, healthcare costs have skyrocketed. The main cost of healthcare? Intervention. Medicine, hospitals, research to defeat the big diseases plague the young and the old alike. 

What can lower these costs? What can we do to enjoy the life that we worked hard for, instead of spending more time at the doctors than with family?




Prevention Is the answer, not intervention. Prevent diseases from occuring through good lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise. Taking care of one self is not only important for one's well-being psychologically as well as physically, but can also help the loved ones around one to develop good habits. 


In 1998, two brothers serendipitously found a plant formula that could remove blood stasis and would be able to help individuals with specific blood stasis issues. Over the next 16 years, they had to check if it was safe for people to use, what kind of health benefits does it have? So many products on the shelves with natural ingredients had concerns over pesticides and contaminants, the brothers made sure to inspect Elipulse with stringent heavy metal tests to rule out any contamination. 


Their story continues in Vancouver, British Columbia 16 years later with a fully licensed and developed product called Elipulse.

"Eli", derived from the word elixir, or medicinal ingredient, and "pulse" and the force that represents life. 


The sign on the bottle is a tree. The branches symbolize the body's channels. The grey side show blood stasis, unmoving, sickly, and the pink shows healthy and well circulated. 



The brothers also plan on bringing legal prescription medicines to individuals or groups that have difficulty accessing them, by geography or socio-economic status. 


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