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When Science Meets Tradition

Active ingredients are the biochemical inside of a plant that has an effect on your body. Many common medicines today are made from these “biochemical ingredients.” For example Aspirin was made from the bark of a willow tree. It was traditionally used by the ancient Greeks and Romans in order to treat inflammation. Elipulse's ingredients traditionally had similar effects.


With the improvement of technology and stringent safety regulation, a higher quality Elipulse, one that combines and prepares these traditional ingredients in a calculated manner, was created in 1998. Over the past decade, more research is refined and clinical trials in Asia are conducted. Elipulse then was licensed by Health Canada and issued with a Natural Health Product Number in 2014.


In order to support transparency and objectivity of research in the health foods industry, BC Drugs uploads all internal and external research. 


Internal Research: Clinical Trials of Elipulse Formula

Clinical Literature Research of Elipulse

Clinical Testing Research of Elipulse

Quality Analysis of Elipulse

Pharmacological Research of Elipulse

Safety Research of Elipulse

Discussion: Plant Composition Mechanisms of Elipulse

Conclusion of Clinical Research and Testing of Elipulse




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