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Quality Analysis of the Elipulse Capsule




Quality analysis of Elipulse Ingredients of Elipulse, red ginseng, cassia twig and ligusticum wallichii are Canadian monographs raw materials. Full medicinal materials quality testing is performed fully inspection and relevant standard requirements of the USA and Canada to fully guarantee the quality of raw herbs. Red ginseng: this product is the dry root and rhizome of araliaceae plant ginseng Panar ginseng C. A.Mey.’s wild radix pueraria after being steamed and processed.


Cassia twig: this product is the dry twig of the lauraceae plants cinnamon,

Ginnamomum rassia Presl.

Ligusticum wallichii: this product is the dry root and rhizome of umbelliferae plant, 

Ligustcum chuanriong Hort. These three medicinal materials are preprocessed, extracted and made with pharmaceutical technology in strict accordance with quality standards and GMP standards of pharmaceutical manufacturing. The quality standards can guarantee the stable quality of the product.

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