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Safety Studies on Elipulse Capsule

Clinical Safety of Elipulse


Safety of Elipulse can be tested and verified through the acute toxicity test and long term toxicity test. The maximum tolerated dose experiment of Elipulse experiment shows thats: no toxic and side effects have been found with gavage 300g/kg/d, which equal to 1565 multiples of the clinical doses.


Elipulse of 15g , 7.5g, 3.75g are given (calculated in accordance with the body weight,kg, equivalent to 80 multiples, 40 multiples and 20 multiples of the clinical dose). There are no adverse effects on diet, activity, weight, sleep, urine, blood, liver, renal function after 90 days of gavage for wistar rats which indicate that there is little possibility of toxic and side effects produced after long-term of taking Elipulse.


The clinical record is a reflection of the last 15 years.


No clinical adverse reaction of Elipulse has been reported.


General patient's feedback are that the supplement is quite sate after they take continuously for 1 to 2 years or even 6 to 7 years. No abnormalities are found in blood, urine and stool routine examinations, as well as the function of liver and kidney before and after the treatment.

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