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Edema and Strokes

What is the relationship between edema (swelling), strokes, and Elipulse®


Diabetic Nephropathy:

Kidney disease, caused by diabetes, causes edema, or swelling, of the legs or around the eyes. This is because high blood sugar causes bad inflammation damaging blood vessels and then stimulate swelling.



This swelling may also be caused by ischemic strokes (or stroke by oxygen shortage). 



Diabetic nephropathy patients are unable to take daily Aspirin which is a very effective stroke and heart attack preventative supplement because it worsens the condition of the kidneys and may cause renal failure. 



Elipulse® Capsules is free of the side effects of Daily Aspirin and free of kidney damage. It helps protect against cardiovascular complications such as heart attacks and strokes. 


It is perfect for individuals who cannot use Aspirin because of its side effects; lessen Aspirin use or be used as a natural alternative. 


Is Elipulse for you? Learn more about the other benefits here. 

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