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Nephropathy & Heart Attacks


Patients with kidney disease or nephropathy cannot take Aspirin to defend against cardiovascular complications such as strokes or heart attacks. This is because Aspirin causes kidney damage that will worsen nephropathy. 



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Elipulse  Capsules is a Licensed Natural Health Product


Nephropathy & Heart Attacks

Patients with nephropathy (also known as Kidney Disease) cannot take Aspirin to defend against cardiovascular complications such as strokes or heart attacks because Aspirin causes kidney damage that will worsen nephropathy (kidney disease). 


> Learn about Diabetic or Analgesic Nephropathy

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Elipulse  Capsules

Natural Aspirin Alternative

Preventative Natural Health Supplement


Elipulse capsules helps defend against cardiovascular and diabetes related complications that are a result of Blood Stasis. 


> What is Blood Stasis? 



"Effectively help prevent cardiovascular attacks like Aspirin but doesn't hurt the kidneys! Great for diabetic nephropathy patients and everyone else!" 

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Is Elipulse  for you? 


Elipulse is an effective and safe cardiovascular disease and complication preventative supplement, especially for individuals who cannot use daily Aspirin. 


Daily Aspirin, or long term Aspirin use, has many side effects such as intestinal bleeding, ulcers, kidney damage, and worsening nephropathy.


Other products such as Q10, Fish oils have negative interactions with drugs so may only be used for specific cases. 


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Q10 studies suggest it is beneficial for cardiomyopathy however:

Q10 use may decrease effectiveness of anticoagulants.

Q10 resembles vitamin K and produces clotting effects and interacts with hypertensives (high blood pressure drugs)

Limited research

Aspirin supplementation is a very effective way to prevent heart disease related complications however: 

Long term Aspirin use causes gastrointestinal bleeding, kidney disease, liver damage

Long term Aspirin use cannot be used by patients that have had strokes or are at risk of a hemorrhaging stroke

Omega-3's in fish oils are polyunsaturated fats which are beneficial for heart disease however:

Omega-3 may cause blood sugar medicines to be less effective.

Omega-3 lowers blood glucose level, which may be dangerous for diabetics if not consulted by a doctor

Omega-3 may worsen arrythmias

Omega-3's may cause vitamin E deficiency 

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100% Natural Plant Ingredients


Our organically grown, raw imported materials are inspected for heavy metals and contaminants at the country of origin and before manufacturing to ensure 100% pure raw materials are used in the manufacturing process. We pick the 

"cream of the crop" in a stringent selective process for our ingredients to ensure the highest quality. 


Even our capsules are made of vegetables! 


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Tradition Meets



Based on traditional medicine, supported by modern science, clinical studies, case studies show that Elipulse is effective as a cardiovascular supplement. 


Elipulse is made of the 3 listed ingredients. It has a simple formula. Studies of these results began as early as 1998, since the company's creation. 


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Safe & Simple



Elipulse Capsules are licensed by NHPD (Natural Health Product Directorate of Canada. 

Natural Product License: 80043663


​Manufactured with GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practices) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We pride ourselves in our stringent monitoring of heavy metal contaminants that plague natural products today. 


Elixir Canada Medicine Company Ltd Since 1998 

Affiliated with BC Drug Pharmacy 




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Personalized Services


We offer world-wide free delivery services for Elipulse orders.

On duty pharmacists and health science professionals answering

your questions by phone, email, fax, or regular mail. 


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